Something about Henry

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I planned to change the genre of my story today. For I want to expand my skills in writing. Let’s try something which can make us feel frightened. Is this this really a true story? Or not? Let’s figure out.

“Woohoo! We’re gonna go to my happy place again! Thanks, hon. This is the best anniversary gift, You’ve ever given me.” Smiled. “Happy 15th anniversary my love.” He whispered.

Tin and Henry have been married for 15 years. They have a son who is now 7 years old. They love to travel. Because they both promised to each other that they will travel the world together. Tin is from a rich family who lived in Manila when she was young and she met Henry when she was little when they moved to the province, the day his dad lost his job.

“Hon, which pair of swimsuit would you like me to wear?” She asked. “Any would do” He answered. “Come on! pick the right one. Pink? Yellow? Blue? Come on hon, there aren’t any mirrors here, so pls. I just can’t see myself wearing it.”

For the past years of being together, they have had everything that they wanted. They have a big house, they have cars, they have a good family, the job is just right for them. In short, their life is just awesome. Yes, they have everything – except for – MIRRORS. That’s weird. Mirrors. What’s with mirrors huh? Same question that most Tin’s friends ask. They all wonder why there aren’t any mirror in their house. And that whenever they travel, they always look for a place or hotel where there aren’t any mirrors.

On the night of their anniversary, Henry asked Tin to marry him again, and to his surprise, she said yes for the second time. “Hon, I only have one wish, can we get married at the same church in the province, since it is very memorable for me?” “But of course. Anything that you want my love.” He replied.

After a few weeks of preparation, they went back to the province.

“So, Tin, why did you choose to get married here again instead of getting married in Manila?”

“Mom, Henry has no family. Henry lived here and this is where we met. This place is really memorable and special for the both of us. Besides, our ancestors are here. So might as well have it here again.” She answered.

“Honey, I hope you don’t mind. I have asked this several times, but I still want to ask where his family is? And where did you meet him? I know that it’s been 15 years since you guys got married. And he has been a good husband, father, and son-in-law, but I still want to know his family background.”


“Oh, he’s home! Yes, hon, I’m coming! Let’s talk later mom!” Then she left

“I really don’t understand why she keeps on avoiding this topic every since she met him.”

“Let her be, I’m sure our daughter has her own reasons why.”

“I know, but Dad, she has changed ever since she met him, she was never like that before. I can still remember the day when we moved here in the province. Everything was okay. She was a happy kid, she was even playing with her siblings. They actually used to.. oh wait! She used to talk to herself in front of the mirror then..” wondering.

“The mirror. Dad! Come to think of it. They never had any mirror in their house in Manila. She never used mirrors even the small ones. I think¬†there is something going on here that I have to figure out.”

“Dad, she used to talk to herself in front of the mirror of great grandpa’s old cabinet. She was 8 years old then. She looked really happy playing with herself in the mirror.”

“Sylvia, now, this is giving me goosebumps!” Dad said.

“Where is the mirror?!” both surprised, they saw the nanny coming next to them.

“I am sorry, but I heard you talking about it. Where is the cabinet where Tin used to talk herself to when she was young? Can I see it?”

“I think it is in the attic. That’s where dad placed it when Tin left this house after she got married 15 years ago.”

The three went to the attic. The parents were shocked with what they saw.

“Are you sure about this Nana?” Mother asked the nanny while she was slowly putting her palm on the surface of the mirror.

“Sshhh. This is terrifying!!! Your daughter was not talking to herself in the mirror when she was young. She was talking with someone inside the mirror.”

Tin’s family never met Henry’s family. She just introduced him a month before they got married. She believes that everything went well anyway.

“Tomorrow’s gonna be our wedding day… AGAIN.. I am just so excited! But hon, why are you here? You know, people here believe that couples should not see each other the night before their wedding day. hahaha”

He didn’t answer. Instead, he asked her a question.

“Hon? This is our second wedding, and I hope you aren’t hiding or keeping anything from me.”

“Hon, I have told you all my secrets, even the secret that I have kept for a long time. I even told you about the guy friend that I used to talk to in front of the mirror when I was young. It was a secret, he told me not to tell anybody. But I told you.”

“Yes. I know. But why did you tell me?” He asked.

“Because you are my husband. And I love you. I want you to know everything about me.”



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