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Is he the one?

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I’m Jane, turning 29 this year. A businesswoman. Been working in the events industry for years and crying every time I see a bride walking down the aisle. Imagining myself as one. I’ve been curious about love for the past 2 decades. Fell in love many times and got hurt double the times I fell.

4 years ago, I broke up with my 4-year relationship and fell in love with another guy the following year. I was supposed to get married! Who doesn’t want to get married when you are in a relationship? But yeah. Expecting the end of that story, we broke up and all the wedding plans went back to zero. But hey! I went on with my life and just decided to stay focused on the business. Met another guy who AGAIN, broke my heart.

I do not want to be in a relationship anymore! I hate men! I hate it when they seem to be interested in me and one day they act as if they do not know me anymore! Sad life.

“Jane?” My mom woke me up one morning! “Yeah?” I answered yawning.

“We’re about to leave now! Please look after the business. Don’t forget to lock the doors when you get home later! See you next week!”

My family loves to travel. My parents travel whenever they want to. Who looks after the family business? I do. Well, time to get up! I gotta get myself back on the track.

“Good morning ma’am!”

“Hi! Good morning guys! Ready for today’s event? Shall we?”

Another wedding to celebrate! Another couple who found love. The bride looks beautiful. She’s stunning!

“Congratulations and best wishes Jane!” “I’m glad you’ve found the right man Jane!”

“Ma’am? Ma’am?” One staff just caught me daydreaming… AGAIN…

“Ah, yeah?” I answered stuttering.

“The couple is looking for you”

“Oh. Ok. Thank you!

“Hello! Congratulations and best wishes! Thank you for making us part of your big event.” That’s my 52nd time wishing another couple to have a wonderful marriage.

“Ms. Jane, I think you know some of our guests. They asked me if you are the event organizer.” The bride mentioned.

“Oh really? Who? Where are they?” I asked.

“The table at the backseat.” Pointing at my schoolmates back in High School.

“Oh! Yeah. They sure are! Will go greet them. Congratulations again!”

As I was heading to the table at the backseat, a guy was already smiling at me. I smiled back as if, I know him.

“Hey, Jane! How are you? The event is successful! You were able to pull it off! By the way, this is my cousin Gab, do you remember him?” That’s Kate. One of my schoolmates who lives somewhere in the neighborhood.

I couldn’t remember who this guy is, but believe me, I tried my best to recognize him.

“Hmmm, is he the one who you used to play with during our younger years? Wow! Gab! It’s nice to see you. How have you been doing?”

Gab is Kate’s cousin. He’s cute huh. He has changed. A lot. He used to be the fat guy who rides his skateboard bullying my friends when we were young. But he looks different now. A bearded but clean man.

“Hi, Jane! I’m good. Just got back from Australia. Got tired of working there. And just decided on putting up a business here instead. How about you? You look good!”

1 point! He said I look good!!!! Oh my effin’ God. Ok, Jane, calm down. He just appreciates beautiful people or maybe that’s his way of making a conversation. Or no! He’s just another guy who will hurt you! Come on! Give him a chance! Ok, that’s my 2 personalities fighting over a guy who just said I look good.

“Thank you! That’s nice to hear! Well, I’ve been busy managing the family business for years now. Married?”

Hey! Why did I ask that? Or did I just?! Ugh. Better to go straight to the point instead of beating around the bush.

“Oh, no. Team Single!” He answered while giggling.

What a great way to start a convo!

“Ms. Jane, the party is about to end, should we give them the cue of the last song?”

Why on earth is my staff not considering me having a conversation with this person of my target at this moment???

“I’m sorry guys, it’s really, really nice to see you all today, but I gotta work. Two bottles soon?” I offered, before leaving.

A couple of minutes later.

“It was a tiring day, guys, thank you all for today! You did a wonderful job! The guests and the client are all very happy! Let’s see each other at the office tomorrow okay? Take care on your way home!”

Engine on, AC on, ugh! A really tiring day. But it was all worth it! It’s time to go home.

1 text message received: “Hi Jane! Got your number from Kate! Sorry, we were not able to say goodbye because you were so busy a while ago. I hope the offer is still available tomorrow! 🙂 – Gab”


Jane, listen, he just asked for your number, he just sent you a message. That’s what normal old friends do when they see people whom they have not seen for a long time!

— That’s my other self, reminding me to calm down.

“Sure! Invite Kate over for a cup of coffee or for a 2-bottle bonding at the cafe tomorrow. See you! :)”

9:00AM the following morning.

“Oh my dear! I bet you were so tired last night that you were not able to give yourself a warm bath before going to bed” That’s nana, waking me up. “Get up now! You have a meeting with your staff at 10 in the morning!”

Yawning. Thank You, Lord for another day! Checked my phone. And yeah! Just as I expected.

“Good morning Jane! So, see you later in the afternoon?”

It’s him! Quickly took a shower and went to the meeting. Oh, wait! I forgot to send a response!

“Yeah! See you at 2pm!”

Oh, that’s not me responding! That’s my number 1 self, pretending that there isn’t any excitement around the place. A very plain response!


Shoot! I only have an hour left before seeing them, but I haven’t finished my report yet! I bet mom’s gonna get mad again. But it will take me a long time before I finish this! Ugh.

“Jane, take it easy! One step at a time. Know your priorities, if he really likes you, he will wait for you. Remember, you have your duties before you saw him at the party yesterday. Try to manage your time instead.” That’s my number 1 self.

“Jane! It’s ok. You can just do that when you get home later! Besides, your mom will be back next week! She won’t notice!” Ya’ll know who that other side of me is.

“Hey! I’m at the cafe right now, trying to finish my work report for yesterday’s event. I’ll just wait for you guys here.” I listened to my number 1 self. In any case, I definitely do not want to do this when I get home later. Might not know what will happen next.

“Sure! We’ll be there by 2, and won’t bother you until you’re done.”

That’s sweet. ^^

Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc…

“Hi Jane!”

“Hey Kate!” — “Oh Hi Gab! have a seat guys.”

“So are you done with your report?” He asked. “Do you need help?”

“Oh no, I’m fine. I’m about to save the file now. Just right in time.” Thank God, I was able to finish it before they arrived.

Closed my laptop. “So, coffee?” I offered.

“It’s fine, I should be asking that. Another cup?” He asked.

“Go, Go! Buy me one! And one for her too. So Jane! Going back to where we left yesterday.”

Ohhhhh my Kate.

“You know what? Gab has been asking about you since yesterday. Are you single? Are you married? What? Update me with your life.”

Why is Kate so eager to ask me these questions when it was supposed to be him!!! Evil look. I won’t invite Kate again next time LOL.

“Here’s for you! And here’s yours.”

“Thanks, Gab! To answer your question, I was supposed to be married by now, but a fool just ruined my life a few years back, so yeah. I am again, and still, SINGLE.”

“Are you not dating someone? Or do you have plans, maybe?”

Here we go! He already asked me.

“Dating is fine, I just hope, that one person that I will date next, will understand the line of business and work that I’m into. It’s not easy to manage a business in the events industry. There will be times that I’ll be very busy and times that I’ll be free, times that I am free and I will suddenly have to leave for an emergency meeting with a client.”

Did I just give him my schedule??

“Well, if a person is into you, I bet he won’t just understand what you are doing, he will or he must support you as well. It’s just a matter of time management I believe.”

Guys! I think this is it!!! What do you think???

To be continued…