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There’s DANGER everywhere.

Mom saying it’s dangerous to go out at night.

Dad saying it’s dangerous to talk to strangers.

Brother saying it’s dangerous to go biking at a young age.

And sister reminding me that it’s dangerous to fall in love.

What do you think of the last statement? Do you agree?

photo (c) kevinmontillano

20 thoughts on “Danger”

  1. Love is the most adventurous, exciting type of danger! Ultimately it’s an indifferent kind of dangerous because it could become something wonderful or ugly.

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  2. Love can be uncertain, it can be like an expedition, it can make your heart pound or make it stop. With love there are no guarantees you’ll get out what you put in. That’s why love can be dangerous but to live life without love can mean you live life in fear and closed off from the world. I’ve weighed it up and I choose love every time. I’m scared of enough things so I keep love as my safe space.

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