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It was 8 in the morning and she was expecting her boyfriend to come over her place to SURPRISE her. “Why isn’t he here yet? Geez, I think he’s preparing something for me. Oh God, I’m excited!”

She took a shower, had lunch and kept on waiting for him. It’s almost 2 in the afternoon and he still isn’t arriving yet. “Babe where are you now?” She asked. “Ugh. Yeah, I am on my way.”

Knock.. Knock.. “He’s here!” She excitedly ran towards the door and opened it. It’s him.

“Happy Birthday. Hmm” He’s stuttering. He has nothing but a bag full of boxes. She thought they were boxes of birthday gifts for her.

“I am sorry, I came late. Happy Birthday. I ugh..” He can’t say anything. He handed her the bag. She opened it.

“What is the meaning of this?” Teary-eyed. “These are the gifts that I gave you in the past years. Why are you giving them back to me?” She started crying.

“I am sorry. I have been thinking of this for the past few days. I tried working things out. But I.. Ugh.. I really can’t stay with you anymore. I am already dating someone else and I do not want to cheat on you. I’d rather be honest now than let you see me dating someone else in public. I am sorry. I ugh..”

“I hate you! I though you have a surprise for me! It’s my birthday! Celine told me that you went to the mall to buy some gifts for my birthday! I thought they are mine! You are such a!!!!”

“I am sorry. You see, I have met a lot of people in the past and even if I am in a relationship with you, I know that I am just fooling myself, because of how you treat me. You do not even take care of me. You always wait for me, yes. But you only wait for me only because you only want to wait for the food that I will bring you. You always want to see me, only because you know that I will buy something for you at the mall. You always want to hang out with me, only because you know that I treat you like a princess. I loved you. And I got tired of loving you… I am sorry… There are 10 people in the crowd who have learned to love you but there is this 1 out of 10 who learned to let go of you. You have to learn from it as well. You have to grow up. I am sorry. I have been wanting you to need me, but you never showed me that you are always there because you never considered the fact that I also need you.”

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They were 8 then.. Having dinner with the whole gang once in a while… And then she met him.. And they started dating… They went out more than 5x a week… She has forgotten about her friends… She has forgotten about how close they were before…

And then one day, he broke her heart… She was broken into small pieces… And then she went out alone… Grabbed some beer and got drunk… She looked at the table and saw no one…

And someone whispered, “You forgot that you still have friends back home. You totally forgot about us, only because you were blindly in love with him —— come here you, you still have us! We were just waiting for you to come home”. And then she gave her a hug!

FRIENDS will always be your friends, no matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how stupid you have become, no matter how what the circumstances are… FRIENDS will always be there through thick and thin… FRIENDS matter… Remember that… Never leave your core empty, or you will see yourself losing your second family…

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Random Thoughts

Can they solve problems?

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Maybe NOT.. but at least a great start.. Happy afternoon everyone!


Something about Henry

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I planned to change the genre of my story today. For I want to expand my skills in writing. Let’s try something which can make us feel frightened. Is this this really a true story? Or not? Let’s figure out.

“Woohoo! We’re gonna go to my happy place again! Thanks, hon. This is the best anniversary gift, You’ve ever given me.” Smiled. “Happy 15th anniversary my love.” He whispered.

Tin and Henry have been married for 15 years. They have a son who is now 7 years old. They love to travel. Because they both promised to each other that they will travel the world together. Tin is from a rich family who lived in Manila when she was young and she met Henry when she was little when they moved to the province, the day his dad lost his job.

“Hon, which pair of swimsuit would you like me to wear?” She asked. “Any would do” He answered. “Come on! pick the right one. Pink? Yellow? Blue? Come on hon, there aren’t any mirrors here, so pls. I just can’t see myself wearing it.”

For the past years of being together, they have had everything that they wanted. They have a big house, they have cars, they have a good family, the job is just right for them. In short, their life is just awesome. Yes, they have everything – except for – MIRRORS. That’s weird. Mirrors. What’s with mirrors huh? Same question that most Tin’s friends ask. They all wonder why there aren’t any mirror in their house. And that whenever they travel, they always look for a place or hotel where there aren’t any mirrors.

On the night of their anniversary, Henry asked Tin to marry him again, and to his surprise, she said yes for the second time. “Hon, I only have one wish, can we get married at the same church in the province, since it is very memorable for me?” “But of course. Anything that you want my love.” He replied.

After a few weeks of preparation, they went back to the province.

“So, Tin, why did you choose to get married here again instead of getting married in Manila?”

“Mom, Henry has no family. Henry lived here and this is where we met. This place is really memorable and special for the both of us. Besides, our ancestors are here. So might as well have it here again.” She answered.

“Honey, I hope you don’t mind. I have asked this several times, but I still want to ask where his family is? And where did you meet him? I know that it’s been 15 years since you guys got married. And he has been a good husband, father, and son-in-law, but I still want to know his family background.”


“Oh, he’s home! Yes, hon, I’m coming! Let’s talk later mom!” Then she left

“I really don’t understand why she keeps on avoiding this topic every since she met him.”

“Let her be, I’m sure our daughter has her own reasons why.”

“I know, but Dad, she has changed ever since she met him, she was never like that before. I can still remember the day when we moved here in the province. Everything was okay. She was a happy kid, she was even playing with her siblings. They actually used to.. oh wait! She used to talk to herself in front of the mirror then..” wondering.

“The mirror. Dad! Come to think of it. They never had any mirror in their house in Manila. She never used mirrors even the small ones. I think there is something going on here that I have to figure out.”

“Dad, she used to talk to herself in front of the mirror of great grandpa’s old cabinet. She was 8 years old then. She looked really happy playing with herself in the mirror.”

“Sylvia, now, this is giving me goosebumps!” Dad said.

“Where is the mirror?!” both surprised, they saw the nanny coming next to them.

“I am sorry, but I heard you talking about it. Where is the cabinet where Tin used to talk herself to when she was young? Can I see it?”

“I think it is in the attic. That’s where dad placed it when Tin left this house after she got married 15 years ago.”

The three went to the attic. The parents were shocked with what they saw.

“Are you sure about this Nana?” Mother asked the nanny while she was slowly putting her palm on the surface of the mirror.

“Sshhh. This is terrifying!!! Your daughter was not talking to herself in the mirror when she was young. She was talking with someone inside the mirror.”

Tin’s family never met Henry’s family. She just introduced him a month before they got married. She believes that everything went well anyway.

“Tomorrow’s gonna be our wedding day… AGAIN.. I am just so excited! But hon, why are you here? You know, people here believe that couples should not see each other the night before their wedding day. hahaha”

He didn’t answer. Instead, he asked her a question.

“Hon? This is our second wedding, and I hope you aren’t hiding or keeping anything from me.”

“Hon, I have told you all my secrets, even the secret that I have kept for a long time. I even told you about the guy friend that I used to talk to in front of the mirror when I was young. It was a secret, he told me not to tell anybody. But I told you.”

“Yes. I know. But why did you tell me?” He asked.

“Because you are my husband. And I love you. I want you to know everything about me.”



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When can you say that you are secured with your SECURITY?

We all want to be secured wherever we go. We all want to be safe all the time. We all worry about how we can be free from danger or harm. We all need a protection.

But these days, how can we not worry about the deaths all over the world? How can we sleep at night if people find ways on how to trespass your own house? How can we make sure that our children are safe at school? Can we still say we can be safe from danger or harm?

As much as we want to keep everything safe, as much as we want to free ourselves from danger and as much as we want to look after each member of the family, we can never escape from what is written in the book of the Lord. If it is meant to happen, it will according to his will. The only security we can consider is when we see ourselves living the eternal life with Him.

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Love heals. You may not be ready yet, you may not accept that it happened yet, you may not be able to forgive yet, but you will learn soon.

LOVE will always be the key to forgiveness, the answer to the question, the solution to the problem and the reason for breathing.

Let LOVE heal. Let LOVE teach you how to FORGIVE.


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Speak out (The Journey of a Single Mother)

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And this is the first time I will talk about how difficult it is to be a single mother. I have always been proud of my kid and I don’t deny being a mother. This is the very first time, I will write something about her and our struggles in life together. And I am writing this so that I can at least inspire others with how strong I became as a person.

It takes a lot of courage to be a single mother. You have to be emotionally, spiritually and most especially financially stable for you to be able to raise a child.

When I got pregnant, the father of my child and I were not okay. I wasn’t even aware that I was pregnant since my monthly period is irregular. Until I reached the last month of my 1st trimester when I received a message from him asking me to check if I am pregnant because he said, he felt like I was. Bought a pregnancy test and checked with my 2 friends and voila! Yes, I was pregnant. It took me a long time before I informed my family about it. But the only thing I knew then was, I WILL BE A MOTHER SOON, whether or not I was ready, I was already decided that I will bring this child to the world and I will give her life. I wasn’t ready then YES, but it was quick. It was so quick that I already saw myself giving birth to a beautiful child.

FAST FORWARD… Before I gave birth, I was already annoyed and I was just trying to be patient since I was still pregnant and it might not be okay. Until after I gave birth, and I was still annoyed seeing him around BUT I told myself, I have to act normally in front of my family because I can’t just show them that I am not ok, or they will get hurt. No matter how annoying your partner is, you still have to protect them because the imperfection of your partner will always be seen as your imperfection too. (I think) so I had to protect him from my family.

Truth is, he was okay then. My family (especially my parents) treated him like as if he is their own child. But since he was still young that time, and he has a lot of family issues, he cannot decide on his own. His relatives usually decide for him. Which triggered my patience and made me decide that I don’t think I can stand this life with him, not having the courage to decide on his own. I woke up one morning and I felt like I don’t love this person anymore. I don’t see my future with him. I then asked him to leave the house and just go back to his family. He begged and asked me if he can still stay and to try to fix things over. But I have already decided. I told him that, now that you are already a father, you cannot even decide for yourself, what more in the future. I asked him to leave and I ended everything that day. Since then, I knew that I am already a strong person. I was fragile for a long time and very sensitive, but when I became a mother, I CHANGED.

FAST FORWARD… I changed my number and started anew. My parents didn’t ask me about what happened but they knew all along that something is wrong. I am the only girl among my siblings and I knew then that I caused them so much pain even without telling them the reason why.

My child grew up not seeing his father… UGH, well for the past 12 years of her existence? There were only less than 20 times. YES. 365 days x 12 years, that’s a total of 4,380 days. Days, months and years have gone by, he still gets the chance to see my kid (actually up until now) whenever he wants to. The problem is, he never really wanted to. Given the chance, I wouldn’t want it any other way. But my parents told me that I have to think of my child’s sake. That she may grow up not seeing or knowing who her father is. So for the longest time, I thought of my kid and how she’d feel about it. There were times that his family reached out and visited my kid but my child didn’t really want to spend even a day with them. I can’t blame her. She grew up not seeing them. She was so scared of going out with them and that they might not bring her back to our family after a day out. And for the record, I never said anything bad about them. Benefit of the doubt. Maybe she really felt like she cannot trust them because they didn’t exert some effort seeing her or visiting her when she was growing up.

Raised my child with the help of my family. Her first word, her first walk, her first smile and everything. Sending her to school, attending to her needs. It was just my family who guided me and helped me. Did they? for quiet some time, yes. They sent her some money for school, or birthday gifts but not always. Very seldom. And not constant.

Until one day, I realized that maybe, it is already time to forgive. So when he asked me out, I said, okay let’s have dinner together and let’s talk about our kid and her needs. When I was about to sit, that night, he suddenly asked me. “Why did you leave me?” I answered quickly. “After almost 10 years? You now have the guts to ask me? And I answered right away. The day when I asked you to leave was the day I felt like I don’t love you anymore. I didn’t even see my future with you. Your family has a lot of issues and instead of teaching you how to have a better family, they even tolerated your mistakes.” He was shocked and he spoke in a quiet manner. “Why didn’t you tell me then?”, I answered, “And what is it for? You should be thankful. That I broke up with you because after that, your life became better. You were able to graduate on time, you were able to buy your own car, you lived your life like as if you do not have any responsibilities, you were even able to travel abroad without thinking that you have a child to support.”. And then he said, “But my life would’ve been even better than that if you were with me along the way.” And I said, “No. Because I knew then that I was not made for you. My life became different from how I grew up in the past when I became a single mother. The struggle was real, but I don’t regret any of it when I see my child.” And then he became more quiet. And I suddenly said, “If you have a girlfriend, get married. You deserve to be happy. We were not made for each other. You always tell my family that I am the only girl who treated you this way. And that my heart is very hard to please. I am telling you now, that not all women are the same. 9 out of 10 will love you for who you are, and 1 will teach you for you to be a better person.” It was difficult to be in a relationship that you were not even sure if it is really meant for you or not. Not to mention that he has some other kids to support. The only thing I asked him and his family was not money, but to ATLEAST visit my child once in a while. But they never did.

My family and friends know me really well. They call me “Pusong Bato” which means having a heart as hard as a rock/stone in the urban language.  Because I don’t get hurt anymore. I don’t cry. The only thing that makes me cry is when I watch drama series. I swear! Kidding aside, I became this person when I learned one day, that I had too. I had to be stronger than before because I am the only person who can be this strong for my child. One day, my family will one by one die, my child will one day get married, and I still have to be even stronger tomorrow than what I became today because the only person who will take care of me in the future is just ME.

The struggle of being a single mother is real. I have given up a lot. People may not see the way I see it, but nobody knows it but me. It took me a long time to realize yes, but hey! I have changed. I even became wiser. Even in having a new relationship or commitment. I have to be. I have to learn from my mistakes.

For the past 12 years, I have learned that life doesn’t end where your troubles start. It ends when you’re done finding a solution to your problem. But do problems even end? No. You will be facing a lot of problems in the future and you have to learn how to anticipate things and find a solution yourself.

Why did I suddenly share this to you? Because I know that I am not the only person who is experiencing this kind of situation. That I am not the only single mother in the world, and that maybe, some of us in the club are having the same situation but do not know what to do. Maybe some of us do not even have the courage to speak up for themselves.

I say, stand for your right. We have given up a lot and experienced a lot of trials in being a single mother, but hey! We are still alive, it only means we have survived!

And guess what? My child is now about to graduate after 6 years in the elementary school without seeing his father sending him in the morning, or attending to every performance she has had in the past.

I always remind my child that I may not be able to give her a complete family but she has a family in me. I was, am and will always be thankful having the best family who guides me and helps me and my daughter all the time.

One day, my child will have her own family and I will never think twice treating her the way my family treated me when I became a single mother. I always tell her that she needs to be tough and she needs to have a good heart all the time. Believe in God and lend a hand to people who are in need. It’s not about having new gadgets or having a complete family. It’s about being a good person in and out.

I am very grateful and proud that my child is now about to start a new life in high school and I know that we will still be facing, even more, problems in the future together. But what matters is she got my back and I got hers too.

Thank you for reading and I hope this inspires single mothers and fathers out there!

This is the Anonymous Writer, 33 years old, single mother and this is my JOURNEY…

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For today’s daily post challenge, I would like to PAUSE writing stories and discuss this topic below, answering the question, WHY CAN’T WE USE “DISCUSS ABOUT” IN A SENTENCE.

This is also for my students in Japan and Korea.


Many people are making mistakes in using the expressions DISCUSS and ABOUT in a sentence. They are both used in a different way which can be grammatically correct, but never in one sentence pertaining to the same object.


VERBS can be tricky at times; we just have to analyze them first before we use them so our sentences won’t sound confusing.

TRANSITIVE VERB: when a verb takes a direct object.

Example: The old woman embraced her long-lost daughter.

*embraced – takes daughter as a direct object or the receiver of the action.

INTRANSITIVE VERB: any verb that does not take a direct object.

Example: The daughter was embraced tightly.

*no direct object in the predicate


  • verb
  • to talk about (something) with another person or group of people.
  • Talk over, talk about, talk through, converse about, debate (synonyms)

* GRAMMATICALLY, “Let’s discuss the issues” (is correct) since it is a transitive verb.

There are some people who MAKE MISTAKES in using the expression “LET’S DISCUSS ABOUT….”

This is an example sentence from New York Times, dated November 24, 2006, and I quote:

“On average, Kelley Fay finds that people DISCUSS ABOUT a dozen brands each day.”

Is it grammatically correct or not?

NOPE! IT ISN’T GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT. Here is how a reader should read the sentence.

“On average, Keller Fay finds that people DISCUSS (about a dozen) brands each day.”

WHY? Because “about a dozen” is a PHRASE, that is like saying “approximately 12”

QUESTION: Then why shouldn’t we use “DISCUSS ABOUT” in a sentence?


There are 2 REASONS why we cannot use “ discuss about” in a sentence.

  1. It is already redundant since DISCUSS means to talk about. So it is like saying “Let’s talk about-about the issues.”
  2. It requires the topic for discussion to be both object of the verb and object of the preposition, which is grammatically impossible.

Example conversation:


A. Let’s talk about this.

B. Talk about what?

A. Talk about the issue.


A. Let’s discuss this.

B. Discuss what?

A. The issue.


  1. Verb – a word used to describe an action
  2. Transitive Verb – a verb that requires one or more objects
  3. Intransitive Verb – has no object
  4. Phrase – group of words (or a single word) that function/ functions as a constituent in the syntax of a sentence.
  5. Discuss – to talk about
  6. About – proposition; on the subject of/concerning
  7. Redundant – adjective; not or no longer needed or useful
  8. Proposition – a word or group of words that indicates/indicate location, or some relationship between a noun or a pronoun.


Write C if the sentence is correct, and I if incorrect.

  1. She will discuss about the issue tomorrow.
  2. The professor will discuss Management this afternoon.
  3. Ching wants to discuss about your salary later.
  4. I will discuss the lesson next week.
  5. Patty wants to talk about the argument on Monday.
  6. Cathy will never discuss about why she can’t attend the meeting on Sunday.
  7. Carla isn’t ready to discuss that with the team.
  8. My boss called our attention and discussed about the drastic change in the schedule.
  9. Jenny will talk about the salary deduction to the teachers.
  10. She wants to know if you can discuss it before she leaves.



  1. She will discuss about the issue tomorrow. (I)
  2. The professor will discuss Management this afternoon. (C)
  3. Ching wants to discuss about your salary later. (I)
  4. I will discuss the lesson next week. (C)
  5. Patty wants to talk about the argument on Monday. (C)
  6. Cathy will never discuss about why she can’t attend the meeting on Sunday. (I)
  7. Carla isn’t ready to discuss that with the team. (C)
  8. My boss called our attention and discussed about the drastic change in the schedule. (I)
  9. Jenny will talk about the salary deduction to the teachers. (C)
  10. She wants to know if you can discuss it before she leaves. (C)