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There’s always that one scent that reminds you of a certain place, certain time, and a certain person from your past.

Remember, it’s just a REMINDER… It’s part of the past… Well, you can make him or her part of your future again.. YOUR CALL…



Mississippi Perfume : A Spring Adventure

The Scent of You – Daily Post Prompt



23 thoughts on “Perfume”

  1. That’s true! There are so many scents that make us remember our past. And out of nowhere, these memories take us on a ride and leave us wondering with a smile “How much I wish I can relive it again”

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          1. The whole problem was because of my wordpress reader, it rarely showed up the posts of my friends, then I got to unfollow some blogs that I don’t read and refollowed my friend’s blog but still things are pretty messy…

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          2. It’s really hard. I have lost the connection to many of my readers because of the same problem. That’s why after getting around 1000 friends, my posts hardly get viewed as much as they were viewed before… 😐😐 It’s a little sad though…

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  2. That’s true! It happened to me one time, when I suddenly smelled the perfume of my ex boyfriend from my friend! So odd! Hope Gab won’t see this! :p

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