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You have been helping people all your life, and you absolutely look knackered! Save some for yourself, dear. You deserve to take a rest!

photo (c) kevinmontillano








12 thoughts on “Knackered”

  1. sometimes we help and we get nothing in return, but that’s okay. That’s the meaning of helping, but getting tired of helping? I think that’s something. Seems like the post has a deep meaning, Get some rest dear. You deserve that.

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  2. i love helping others to the max, this is my life, my passion….your point is well taken! Antiques are what I thrive on and am drawn to as a style having followed my mom from barn to barn to barn as a child in search of “old finds”. Truth be known, I do not intend to be “knackered” and look like one. (love that term). (adore the photo). I thank you kindly for the sage advice and reminder to care for self and pass on your words as well. Do enjoy the moment! So much beauty, so much grace.
    I thank you for the writing challenge!

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