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Can you MEASURE love?

“How much do you love me?” – Strong question. 7 out of 10 cannot answer this.

Because if you give an answer to this question, it only means you do not really love a person. Loving someone doesn’t need an answer. Loving someone doesn’t need measurement. You love someone because you love someone. That’s it!

If you say, you love someone because of her almond eyes, if she gets blind will you still love her? You love someone because of her sexy body, if she gets fat will you still love her? You love someone because she’s rich, if she gets poor, will you still love her? Beauty fades away. Personality stays.

Never love someone because of something. Love someone, because you felt it. Nothing more,  nothing less. Regardless of the age, the physical appearance and the family background. You love him because you love him. You love her because you love her.

3 out of 10 people that you will meet will TEACH you, will LOVE you and will LEARN from you. The rest will only USE you, HURT you and FOOL you. Be smart enough to know. So can you MEASURE love? Nope. Regardless if he’s just a friend, she’s a girlfriend, your best friend or your sibling. You can never measure LOVE.


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8 thoughts on “Measure ”

  1. I would say it doesn’t have to be only black and white. Love cannot be measured or quantified. I believe that people who love us do it unconditionally. These might be just a few people, 10 out of all billions who reside on the Earth. Many people will respect you, listen to you, take you seriously, and many people will learn from you. I’ve been a teacher for almost 40 years, so there are very many thousands who have learnt.
    Is it reasonable to ask everybody to love you? No, it isn’t because it won’t happen anyway, that’s just how it works or otherwise we would all want to marry one person, etc. Most people will ignore you or forget you as soon as you are out of picture.
    The biggest disaster of the Internet age is superficial attitude, negligence in relationships and ignorance. Everything is mutually bartered, and we trade nice talk for real attraction and fake love. Lack of genuine feelings comes from over-socializing and putting out personal things that should remain private.
    I wish you to find love. It is wrong to expect everybody to love us. It’s fine there are just a few people who truly love us. That’s enough.
    I am writing about life matters in my secondary blog https://inesepogalifeschool.com/
    I will be moving the art blog to a self-hosted website, so please follow the other blog which also handles subjects that are similar to what you are writing about.
    Lots of love!

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