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Can you MEASURE love?

“How much do you love me?” – Strong question. 7 out of 10 cannot answer this.

Because if you give an answer to this question, it only means you do not really love a person. Loving someone doesn’t need an answer. Loving someone doesn’t need measurement. You love someone because you love someone. That’s it!

If you say, you love someone because of her almond eyes, if she gets blind will you still love her? You love someone because of her sexy body, if she gets fat will you still love her? You love someone because she’s rich, if she gets poor, will you still love her? Beauty fades away. Personality stays.

Never love someone because of something. Love someone, because you felt it. Nothing more,  nothing less. Regardless of the age, the physical appearance and the family background. You love him because you love him. You love her because you love her.

3 out of 10 people that you will meet will TEACH you, will LOVE you and will LEARN from you. The rest will only USE you, HURT you and FOOL you. Be smart enough to know. So can you MEASURE love? Nope. Regardless if he’s just a friend, she’s a girlfriend, your best friend or your sibling. You can never measure LOVE.


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It was 8 in the morning and she was expecting her boyfriend to come over her place to SURPRISE her. “Why isn’t he here yet? Geez, I think he’s preparing something for me. Oh God, I’m excited!”

She took a shower, had lunch and kept on waiting for him. It’s almost 2 in the afternoon and he still isn’t arriving yet. “Babe where are you now?” She asked. “Ugh. Yeah, I am on my way.”

Knock.. Knock.. “He’s here!” She excitedly ran towards the door and opened it. It’s him.

“Happy Birthday. Hmm” He’s stuttering. He has nothing but a bag full of boxes. She thought they were boxes of birthday gifts for her.

“I am sorry, I came late. Happy Birthday. I ugh..” He can’t say anything. He handed her the bag. She opened it.

“What is the meaning of this?” Teary-eyed. “These are the gifts that I gave you in the past years. Why are you giving them back to me?” She started crying.

“I am sorry. I have been thinking of this for the past few days. I tried working things out. But I.. Ugh.. I really can’t stay with you anymore. I am already dating someone else and I do not want to cheat on you. I’d rather be honest now than let you see me dating someone else in public. I am sorry. I ugh..”

“I hate you! I though you have a surprise for me! It’s my birthday! Celine told me that you went to the mall to buy some gifts for my birthday! I thought they are mine! You are such a!!!!”

“I am sorry. You see, I have met a lot of people in the past and even if I am in a relationship with you, I know that I am just fooling myself, because of how you treat me. You do not even take care of me. You always wait for me, yes. But you only wait for me only because you only want to wait for the food that I will bring you. You always want to see me, only because you know that I will buy something for you at the mall. You always want to hang out with me, only because you know that I treat you like a princess. I loved you. And I got tired of loving you… I am sorry… There are 10 people in the crowd who have learned to love you but there is this 1 out of 10 who learned to let go of you. You have to learn from it as well. You have to grow up. I am sorry. I have been wanting you to need me, but you never showed me that you are always there because you never considered the fact that I also need you.”


photo (c) imjaydejavier