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They were 8 then.. Having dinner with the whole gang once in a while… And then she met him.. And they started dating… They went out more than 5x a week… She has forgotten about her friends… She has forgotten about how close they were before…

And then one day, he broke her heart… She was broken into small pieces… And then she went out alone… Grabbed some beer and got drunk… She looked at the table and saw no one…

And someone whispered, “You forgot that you still have friends back home. You totally forgot about us, only because you were blindly in love with him —— come here you, you still have us! We were just waiting for you to come home”. And then she gave her a hug!

FRIENDS will always be your friends, no matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how stupid you have become, no matter how what the circumstances are… FRIENDS will always be there through thick and thin… FRIENDS matter… Remember that… Never leave your core empty, or you will see yourself losing your second family…

photo (c) imjaydejavier



16 thoughts on “Blindly ”

  1. This post is beautiful and very touching. Without friends we are not much of worth. 🙂
    Hello there,
    Firstly thankyou so much for visiting my blog that lead me here. Your blog is a very sweet place to be in. It’s refreshing and makes the reader think. Great Work!
    I would like to share with you a fact that recently I have started uploading YouTube videos. These are very dear to my heart. I would like it if you could spare some time and check them.
    Here’s a link to my favourite one:

    Do tell me how you liked it!
    Stay Beautiful/Handsome 🙂

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