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Friends.. Meaningless

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“I love him”… The last words I heard from her.

While she kept on telling me that she loves him, hearing all our friends shouting and making her understand that she’s not supposed to be loving that kind of person and that she has to leave him. I stood up in the crowd and spoke gently. “Yes, we love our friend and we care for her. Yes, it is our responsibility to make her understand that this guy is stupid and that she needs to break up with him. Yes, we should and must look after each other once in a while. We are her friends, yes. But we also have to consider that we are just her friends. We can never decide for her. Everything that we say, enters the left ear, passes through the mind and leaves on the right ear. If her heart is telling her to stay, her mind can never instruct or command her body to do otherwise, only because the heart is more powerful than her mind. We can never tell someone to leave the person who gives her pain especially if that person is the same person who gives her happiness. All we can do is listen and support.” And then I looked at her, “You got 10 people, 9 telling you to leave and 1 person, as I may stand to that, who will not ask you to leave him, but instead I’m telling you to SAVE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF, DEAR. You are beautiful in and out. You have given him your 99%, save at least 1 for yourself. By the time, you get to understand that your life is more MEANINGFUL, and you get to love yourself more, that’s the time you’d get the point of having a MEANINGLESS commitment with someone you do not deserve. Let your heart decide.

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39 thoughts on “Friends.. Meaningless”

  1. This is an important message for women in abusive relationships. We choose our beloveds for a thousand different reasons, most of which are not obvious to us. Women who remain with abusive partners do not view themselves as having value apart from the beloved. They may have seen abuse while growing up, so accept it as the norm. ❤

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  2. THIS: “We can never tell someone to leave the person who gives her pain especially if that person is the same person who gives her happiness.” Good stuff.

    I remember those days, when I stupidly hung on in spite of the pain, the demoralization, the mockery of my attentions and the disrespect that was so huge you could have driven a Mac truck through it. I get it now and looking back I’m chagrined to realize I put up with so much and saddened to know I did not possess – at that time – the self respect and self esteem to just GO, to nurture myself and seek love elsewhere, even if it was only to be found from within.

    Hard lessons. Sadly, some people never learn them….

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    1. Awwww sorry to hear that.. but good thing you were able to surpass those days and yes some people never learn from it. They sometimes think it is still the best way to move on but they aren’t actually moving on. They are just doing the same thing over and over again.. thanks for dropping by! Xoxo


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