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“Learn to love each other’s flaws and weaknesses. Be ADVENTUROUS. Do not stick to the one that you like. You will never ever find the right person if you will only look for the one that you WANT.. Experiment.”

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11 thoughts on “Adventure”

  1. Well…its always better to be with the person who loves us rather than the one whom we love…isn’t it??…if so what to do with the person whom we love…whether to continue to love them or leave them??..its complex isn’t it…But i guess u could a satisfing answer to me @THE ANONYMOUS WRITER…

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    1. Hi thanks for your comment.. I understand your point.. This is just something that I want to point out to those who are tired of looking for something that they want and not even trying to love the person who loves them.. 🙂 you have a point there. We should always try to love the people who love us.. It’s easier to fall inlove than to look for someone who truly loves us.. 😊😉

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