©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “It’s when he said he loves me and that it is possible to fall for him. He said he enjoys going out with me and that he wants to do it everyday. It’s when he made me feel like I am the most wonderful woman on Earth and that he needs me. Yes,…


©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “Do not be afraid to try new things.. TRUST the Lord, He won’t let you down.. You possibly might get hurt, but that only means that the other one isn’t just right for you. Stand up – Prepare yourself and JUMP again..” The Daily Post Challenge Photo (c) (instagram)


©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “Even if you don’t tell.. Even if you hide it from me.. Even if you cry without me knowing.. In just a couple of minutes, I know.. I know what you have gone through in the past.. TRUE FRIENDS don’t always need to have it detailed all the time.. a hug means –…


©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “And the Lord God said, be patient my child.. Everything happens for a reason.. We only have to wait according to His plans.. Right timing..Help without asking for anything in return..Have a good heart and you will be blessed..” -TheAnonymousWriter- Featured Image (c) jpeeliciouuuus (instagram)


©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “Some people are already CONTENTED not because they do not want to achieve more, but because they are thankful having less but happy than having more, tired and unhappy.”   Featured Image (c) jpeeliciouuuus (instagram)


 ©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “We are all entitled of our own freedom of choice.. Most of the time, we need guidance from people who are more experienced than us. Hence, we get to be at a better position even if it wasn’t really our choice.  A person can always decide on what he or she wants, for…


©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “Be enthusiastic in everything that you do. Enjoy each moment and attract positive vibes all the time!      Featured Image (c) jaydejavier (instagram)

Something I Need.. Chapter 3

©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “Which is more important CLOSURE, LETTING GO or MOVING ON?” Who is Chelsea? Will the girls find out what happened to Matt and Mimi at Dom’s party? Who is the flower sender? What was Jessica’s reason why she suddenly felt off towards Chase? Is the 30-min talk at the cafe enough for Ronnie to…


©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “Learn to love each other’s flaws and weaknesses. Be ADVENTUROUS. Do not stick to the one that you like. You will never ever find the right person if you will only look for the one that you WANT.. Experiment.” Featured Image (c) komics photography


©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook “Pray in the morning. Be thankful that you are alive. Smile often. You have no idea what it can do to others. Be kind all the time. Help without expecting for anything in return. Pray at night. Be thankful that you had a wonderful day. Always make your day colorful. We only have…

How do you define SUPERHEROES?

©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook What does it really mean by the word SUPERHEROES?  If you’d search for the meaning of the word SUPERHERO, you’d get the following definition.. type of costumed heroic character who possesses supernatural or superhuman powers and who is dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, and usually battling supervillains. a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers,…