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     How to be an inspiration? Do you have to be very successful to be considered as an inspiration? Do you need to be professional to be an inspiration? Do you need to be famous to be an inspiration?

Anybody can be an inspiration.

     Sometimes, people tend to be more specific with the things that they want and things that they need only because they see it from others that they consider as inspirations. But if you come to take a look at the deeper side of each person’s perspective in life, you can actually consider them as an inspiration, not because of how they look but how they manage their good deeds…

Be an inspiration, do what is right and you will be a blessing to others…


Inspiration – The Daily Post


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They are awesome!


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“They are awesome, believe me. They are totally awesome.”

I wonder why some people treat babies, children, men, and women with extra chromosomes differently when they should be treated the same as others. Some people even call them names. Or look at them strangely as if, these humans are going to eat them alive.

Just a little knowledge for us to know, ordinarily, a newborn baby inherits a total of 46 chromosomes divided into 2 chromosomes from both parents. These 23 chromosomes match the other 23 from both the mother and father. The biological inaccuracy of the baby’s chromosomes may happen during the early stages of the development of the baby, (if I am not mistaken) which may lead to having more than 46 chromosomes in one child. That totals 22 chromosomes + 23 chromosomes on the other half which doctors may find not usual. In this case, a baby has EXTRA CHROMOSOMES. Extra chromosomes may happen in different situations, it may be inherited, the genes, the blood, or you are just LUCKY enough to be chosen as the parents of these wonderful babies. Is it normal? Well, it may not be the same as an ordinary set of chromosomes a person may have. However, they must be given the same treatment or attitude that we do towards other people.

Say, I have friends who have children who have extra chromosomes, and they are totally lovely. I am a very weak person when I see one, and it makes me cry because I am always, always overwhelmed by meeting children like them.

They are humans too, and they are wonderful humans. We actually all have to be thankful for having them around. They give us extra happiness and extra love. Which in return must be given, extra love, extra care, and extra understanding.

Some of them even graduated from college. Some of them are working for companies. Some of them even have their own families. And even if I do not know these people personally, I am so proud of their achievements. I am always overwhelmed by seeing them succeed. And I wish the other hundreds of them around the world to find the true happiness of their own choices too.

Now, I’d like to introduce one of the AWESOME CHILDREN that I know…

Meet Margarette, people call her GARI, and she’s extraordinary… People love her and I bet you will love her too. Her journey started when she was born in 2016…

Here are the 10 fun facts that you will love about EXTRAORDI_GARI…

1. She loves ANIMALS…


3. She loves TRAVELING and GOING TO THE BEACH… Her parents even named their resort in Boracay, “Gari’s Place”, don’t forget to visit!

4. She knows her responsibilities and duties at a very young age, such as household chores, and visiting her doctors regularly…

5. She loves dressing up different characters…

6. She loves being a fashionista just like her mom and sisters. In fact, she even participated in the Miss Possibilities 2018 with Ms. Nikki Valdez (one of the famous actresses in the Philippines).

7. She loves studying with her teachers, exploring new things, doing yoga with her mom and participates well in her swimming class. Guess what? She just received her first Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Performance in class and achieving the Mister Cheerful award recently… Congratulations Gari!

8. She loves her awesome friends and they love her too…

9. She loves her family so much and they are also well-loved by Gari. And for them, she’s the best present ever!

10. She loves God more than anything else…

Now tell me, what’s not to love? Isn’t she lovely?

So guys out there, you have no idea, how families feel when their family members are being mocked only because others don’t see them the way they see themselves.

REMEMBER: We all have flaws too, you will never know what the future can bring.

Sending a lot of love and hugs to these AWESOME PEOPLE that I call.

Kisses from Gariboo!


For more of Gari’s journey, follow her instagram account: extraordi_gari

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Is he the one?

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 4.29.31 AM

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I’m Jane, turning 29 this year. A businesswoman. Been working in the events industry for years and crying every time I see a bride walking down the aisle. Imagining myself as one. I’ve been curious about love for the past 2 decades. Fell in love many times and got hurt double the times I fell.

4 years ago, I broke up with my 4-year relationship and fell in love with another guy the following year. I was supposed to get married! Who doesn’t want to get married when you are in a relationship? But yeah. Expecting the end of that story, we broke up and all the wedding plans went back to zero. But hey! I went on with my life and just decided to stay focused on the business. Met another guy who AGAIN, broke my heart.

I do not want to be in a relationship anymore! I hate men! I hate it when they seem to be interested in me and one day they act as if they do not know me anymore! Sad life.

“Jane?” My mom woke me up one morning! “Yeah?” I answered yawning.

“We’re about to leave now! Please look after the business. Don’t forget to lock the doors when you get home later! See you next week!”

My family loves to travel. My parents travel whenever they want to. Who looks after the family business? I do. Well, time to get up! I gotta get myself back on the track.

“Good morning ma’am!”

“Hi! Good morning guys! Ready for today’s event? Shall we?”

Another wedding to celebrate! Another couple who found love. The bride looks beautiful. She’s stunning!

“Congratulations and best wishes Jane!” “I’m glad you’ve found the right man Jane!”

“Ma’am? Ma’am?” One staff just caught me daydreaming… AGAIN…

“Ah, yeah?” I answered stuttering.

“The couple is looking for you”

“Oh. Ok. Thank you!

“Hello! Congratulations and best wishes! Thank you for making us part of your big event.” That’s my 52nd time wishing another couple to have a wonderful marriage.

“Ms. Jane, I think you know some of our guests. They asked me if you are the event organizer.” The bride mentioned.

“Oh really? Who? Where are they?” I asked.

“The table at the backseat.” Pointing at my schoolmates back in High School.

“Oh! Yeah. They sure are! Will go greet them. Congratulations again!”

As I was heading to the table at the backseat, a guy was already smiling at me. I smiled back as if, I know him.

“Hey, Jane! How are you? The event is successful! You were able to pull it off! By the way, this is my cousin Gab, do you remember him?” That’s Kate. One of my schoolmates who lives somewhere in the neighborhood.

I couldn’t remember who this guy is, but believe me, I tried my best to recognize him.

“Hmmm, is he the one who you used to play with during our younger years? Wow! Gab! It’s nice to see you. How have you been doing?”

Gab is Kate’s cousin. He’s cute huh. He has changed. A lot. He used to be the fat guy who rides his skateboard bullying my friends when we were young. But he looks different now. A bearded but clean man.

“Hi, Jane! I’m good. Just got back from Australia. Got tired of working there. And just decided on putting up a business here instead. How about you? You look good!”

1 point! He said I look good!!!! Oh my effin’ God. Ok, Jane, calm down. He just appreciates beautiful people or maybe that’s his way of making a conversation. Or no! He’s just another guy who will hurt you! Come on! Give him a chance! Ok, that’s my 2 personalities fighting over a guy who just said I look good.

“Thank you! That’s nice to hear! Well, I’ve been busy managing the family business for years now. Married?”

Hey! Why did I ask that? Or did I just?! Ugh. Better to go straight to the point instead of beating around the bush.

“Oh, no. Team Single!” He answered while giggling.

What a great way to start a convo!

“Ms. Jane, the party is about to end, should we give them the cue of the last song?”

Why on earth is my staff not considering me having a conversation with this person of my target at this moment???

“I’m sorry guys, it’s really, really nice to see you all today, but I gotta work. Two bottles soon?” I offered, before leaving.

A couple of minutes later.

“It was a tiring day, guys, thank you all for today! You did a wonderful job! The guests and the client are all very happy! Let’s see each other at the office tomorrow okay? Take care on your way home!”

Engine on, AC on, ugh! A really tiring day. But it was all worth it! It’s time to go home.

1 text message received: “Hi Jane! Got your number from Kate! Sorry, we were not able to say goodbye because you were so busy a while ago. I hope the offer is still available tomorrow! 🙂 – Gab”


Jane, listen, he just asked for your number, he just sent you a message. That’s what normal old friends do when they see people whom they have not seen for a long time!

— That’s my other self, reminding me to calm down.

“Sure! Invite Kate over for a cup of coffee or for a 2-bottle bonding at the cafe tomorrow. See you! :)”

9:00AM the following morning.

“Oh my dear! I bet you were so tired last night that you were not able to give yourself a warm bath before going to bed” That’s nana, waking me up. “Get up now! You have a meeting with your staff at 10 in the morning!”

Yawning. Thank You, Lord for another day! Checked my phone. And yeah! Just as I expected.

“Good morning Jane! So, see you later in the afternoon?”

It’s him! Quickly took a shower and went to the meeting. Oh, wait! I forgot to send a response!

“Yeah! See you at 2pm!”

Oh, that’s not me responding! That’s my number 1 self, pretending that there isn’t any excitement around the place. A very plain response!


Shoot! I only have an hour left before seeing them, but I haven’t finished my report yet! I bet mom’s gonna get mad again. But it will take me a long time before I finish this! Ugh.

“Jane, take it easy! One step at a time. Know your priorities, if he really likes you, he will wait for you. Remember, you have your duties before you saw him at the party yesterday. Try to manage your time instead.” That’s my number 1 self.

“Jane! It’s ok. You can just do that when you get home later! Besides, your mom will be back next week! She won’t notice!” Ya’ll know who that other side of me is.

“Hey! I’m at the cafe right now, trying to finish my work report for yesterday’s event. I’ll just wait for you guys here.” I listened to my number 1 self. In any case, I definitely do not want to do this when I get home later. Might not know what will happen next.

“Sure! We’ll be there by 2, and won’t bother you until you’re done.”

That’s sweet. ^^

Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc…

“Hi Jane!”

“Hey Kate!” — “Oh Hi Gab! have a seat guys.”

“So are you done with your report?” He asked. “Do you need help?”

“Oh no, I’m fine. I’m about to save the file now. Just right in time.” Thank God, I was able to finish it before they arrived.

Closed my laptop. “So, coffee?” I offered.

“It’s fine, I should be asking that. Another cup?” He asked.

“Go, Go! Buy me one! And one for her too. So Jane! Going back to where we left yesterday.”

Ohhhhh my Kate.

“You know what? Gab has been asking about you since yesterday. Are you single? Are you married? What? Update me with your life.”

Why is Kate so eager to ask me these questions when it was supposed to be him!!! Evil look. I won’t invite Kate again next time LOL.

“Here’s for you! And here’s yours.”

“Thanks, Gab! To answer your question, I was supposed to be married by now, but a fool just ruined my life a few years back, so yeah. I am again, and still, SINGLE.”

“Are you not dating someone? Or do you have plans, maybe?”

Here we go! He already asked me.

“Dating is fine, I just hope, that one person that I will date next, will understand the line of business and work that I’m into. It’s not easy to manage a business in the events industry. There will be times that I’ll be very busy and times that I’ll be free, times that I am free and I will suddenly have to leave for an emergency meeting with a client.”

Did I just give him my schedule??

“Well, if a person is into you, I bet he won’t just understand what you are doing, he will or he must support you as well. It’s just a matter of time management I believe.”

Guys! I think this is it!!! What do you think???

To be continued…


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Come home to Bali Raya

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     Have you been to Bali? Or would you like to visit Bali Indonesia but you do not have time or enough money? Worry no more! There is a place in Laguna where you can feel the ambiance of Bali.


This is Bali Raya Resort and Spa. From the word BALI + caliRAYA which located on the left side of the famous man-made lake in Caliraya Laguna. It definitely serves its purpose with the feels of Bali Indonesia.


A family of large fish will welcome you upon entering the resort. Bali is known to have the majority of fish which are broadly distributed and is known for its various marine life in the waters of Bali.




The ambiance will definitely let you feel like you are in Bali because of the well-constructed building and furniture.






The Resort has several rooms to choose from.

It has rooms for couples, families, and friends.

It also offers free breakfast.

The Laguna breeze will make you feel like you wouldn’t want to go back to the city anymore.

So what are you waiting for? Come home to Bali raya!


VIDEO: Come home to Bali Raya





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“A simple act can have a big impact to others”

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     I would like to share this story not because I want to brag about it but because I would like to send my appreciation to some people who never fail to support and love me in everything that I do…

The upcoming Ms. MSC Michelle Single Mother Charity Pageant 2019, is a pageant for a cause. This is for single mothers out there who continuously love and look after their children by being both the mother and the father… This is an event by Ms. Michelle Garcia, which will be held at Firewater Feast Station on July 7, 2019 at 6pm.

Right after the photoshoot at Firewater FEAST Station, I noticed a candidate who seemed to be a little shy and a bit timid. I figured that she’s lacking her confidence because of her smile…

I couldn’t sleep that night and I kept on thinking how I can be of big help to this mother… I heard about her story and for her, she would rather spend money on the school of her children than to spend for her personal use.

The ff. day, I talked to several friends who are into dentistry. I really wanted to help this mother to bring back her confidence so she can do her best for the upcoming event.

And guess what? They did not think twice about helping me/us in this advocacy for single mothers.

Thank you Docjojo P. Feliciano Jr. Dra. Bamby Ramos De Vera Dra. Merly Arroyo, Dra. Joyce, The Dental Clinic Feliciano & Associates for helping me in helping this mother. I know that you are all busy and are all attending to everybody’s needs, but you still took the time to help me in this advocacy.

Thank you so much for the love!

For others, this is just a simple act, but for us, this is a big help.

May God bless you all more and more each day…


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A Father’s love

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A daughter’s first love,

Who gave her a pet dove.

Surely you will see him groove,

Together with his daughter’s groom.


Fave of a granddaughter,

Who will visit her forever

To bring her a burger,

Even in the stormiest weather.


A doctor, a carpenter,

An engineer or a bus driver,

As long as you love a little girl,

You’re considered a father.


He may seem Grumpy,

or sometimes tetchy,

But his love is always unconditional,

and definitely exceptional.


If he soon flies in heaven,

Don’t even think he became uneven.

He will surely be your angel,

And will fly at any angle.


Every father is unique,

Because in life, they all have their own technique.

Always dance with your father,

Before he goes to heaven’s Master.


Happy Father’s Day to the Dad who is already with the Master.





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Bet nya ako talaga or Bet nya ako dahil may pera ako? “Does he really like me or he only does because I have money and I can provide him everything?”

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“Bet nya ako talaga or Bet nya ako dahil may pera ako?

The Love Guru (Q1)”

Ang unang tanong natin ngayon ay galing sa isang babae na sabihin na nating may kaya, may pera, may magandang trabaho at may marangyang pamumuhay. May nameet sya na guy na isa namang hindi nakakaangat sa buhay at tipikal na isang kahig isang tuka. (Our first message sender for today is a woman who has money, has a nice job and is living a good life. She met a guy who happens to be just a typical less fortunate guy).

Sabi nga nya, bakit daw ganon? Mahal sya dahil kailangan sya or kailangan sya dahil mahal sya? Lakas maka Jenny – Claudine Baretto, sa pelikulang Milan. (Just like what she mentioned, Why is it like that? Does he really love me or He only loves me because I have money and I can provide him everything that he wants/needs? Sounded like Jenny – Claudine Baretto from the movie Milan).

Bilang isang Love guru, ako ay taga payo lamang base sa side ng parehong partido at palagi kong sinasabi sa aking mga tagapakinig na kahit ano pa mang sabihin sayo ng ibang tao, ilang tao man ang tanungin mo ng opinyon nila, desisyon mo pa din ang masusunod. (As a love guru, I always have to advise based on the situation of both sides and I always tell my listerners/readers that whatever answers you get from people, still, you are the only person who is responsible of your decision and your feelings).

Simulan natin sa “Bet nya ako talaga or Bet nya ako dahil may pera ako at binibili ko ang mga gusto nya?” Una sa lahat tyang, kung mahal ka ng isang tao at nararamdaman mong mahal ka nya, wag mong kwestyunin kung mahal ka nya talaga o hindi. Kung sakali na meron ka man ibinibigay saknya o inireregalo sa kanya, yung ay dahil choice mo yun. kung sakali nmn na nagpabili sya sayo, ang daming dahilan na pwede mong gamitin para humindi kung ayaw mo, pero dahil gusto mo kaya bumili ka. Ganon lang kasimple yun. (Let’s start with her question, Does he really like me or he only does because I have money and I can provide him everything he wants and needs? First and foremost, if you really love the person, do not question him if he really likes/loves you or not. If you give him gifts, then that’s because it’s your choice. If ever, he asks you to buy things for him, there are thousands of reasons that you can use just to say NO. But since you like to give him what he asked you to, then it’s because it’s your choice. It’s as simple as that.)

Ang pagiging angat mo sa buhay ay hindi rason para hindi mo pagkatiwalaan ang pagmamahal ng isang tao sayo. Dito sa atin hindi na bago ang pagkakaron ng ganitong uri ng relasyon. At luma na din ang  ganito usapin na ang lalaki o babae eh maaaring maging isang pasanin ng isang taong nakakaangat. NGUNIT, hindi ito pang kalahatan. Maaaring may mga taong ganito pero meron din silang mga kanya kanyang dahilan. (Being a deep-pocketed person doesn’t mean you have the right to not trust a person about his/her feelings for you. This kind of situation is not unusual in our country. And this kind of story is also not surprising. But I am not saying that this is applicable to everyone. There might be people around you who are like the guy in the story or the girl. But let us also understand that they might have their own reasons why.)

Gaya ng:

  1. Hindi na nya kailangan magtrabaho dahil ayaw nya.
  2. Ayaw nya ng magtrabaho dahil sinanay mo sya na ibigay ang lahat ng naisin nya.
  3. Sadyang yun lang ang naabot ng kanyang kakayahan at hindi na nya kaya pa maghanap ng trabahong naaangkop sa kanya.
  4. Maaaring may mabigat syang dahilan gaya ng malubhang sakit, pamilya, or ugaling hindi katanggap tanggap sa loob ng isang opisina.


  1. He/ She doesn’t need to work because he/she doesn’t want to.
  2. He/She doesn’t want to work because you tolerated this kind of situation.
  3. He/She couldn’t find a job that fits his personality or educational attainment.
  4. He/She might be having a deeper reason such as not being fit to work, has a family problem or has an attitude problem.

Pero kahit anong uri pa ng estado sa buhay ng isang tao ang iyong makilala o mahalin, hindi ito kailanman magiging rason para sya’y iyong ibaba. Ang pagmamahal ng isang tao ay nararamdaman at hindi nakikita ng mata o nararamdaman ng bulsa. (But whatever status in life a person has, it doesn’t make him less of a person. Loving a person cannot be seen by the eyes nor felt by what’s in his or her pocket.)

So kung mahal ka nya at ramdam mong mahal ka nya, wag mong kwestyunin kung bakit. Maaaring ikaw ang ngayon na nakakaangat sa buhay at nakakapag regalo sa kanya ng magagandang bagay, at nasasayo na kung tatanggapin mo sya dahil wala sya naireregalo sa yo or wala pa syang pambili para maibigay ang pangangailangan mo. Pero tandaan, ang buhay ay parang gulong. Umiikot yan. Maaaring dumating ang panahon na ikaw nmn ang makaranas ng ganon. Hindi man sa kanya, baka sa iba. (So, if a person loves you and you feel like it’s true, then stop questionning the person or yourself if it’s real or not. Maybe right at this moment, it’s you who is more fortunate to give than to receive. It’s always up to you if you’d accept him even if he cannot provide you the same things that you are providing him. Remember, life is like a wheel. It might turn the situation upside down. It could be with the same person or not.)

Sa buhay, may 3 tao tayo na makikilala. Una, taong tuturuan natin, Ikalawa, taong tuturuan nmn tayo, Ikatlo, pareho. Stick ka dun, baka sakaling un na! 🙂

(In life, there’s always these 3 people that we/d meet. First, the person who will learn from us, Second, the person who will teach us and Third, both 1st and 2nd. Stick with him! It might be the one!)



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How to go to Spacio Caliraya

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     Spacio Caliraya is an events place located in Caliraya Laguna (a man-made lake).

A place where you can have your dream wedding, birthday or any occasion. It has it’s own swimming pool, ceremony area for a perfect garden wedding, casitas, a rustic-themed venue and more.

It is one of the best location in Laguna. Spacio Caliraya has been featured in famous blogsites as well.

In for a GLAMPING? They also have it! Soon…

Don’t forget to like their pages and hit the subscribe button!

Thanks for watching…

Plan N’ Style https://www.facebook.com/planNstyle/

Spacio Caliraya https://www.facebook.com/spaciocaliraya/

Calle Arco https://www.facebook.com/callearcopag…


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Quote of the week

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“The more people you trust, the more people ruin your life”

     See, you do not have to tell people about what you do everyday. You do not have to inform them about your whereabouts, your love life, your job, your plans and all. You are just giving them the right to meddle in your game.

You can just make your life simple by living in peace… You can have as much friends as you want, you can travel with your crowd countless times, you can always, always live life to the fullest but consider keeping things on your own… Or at least with a few people who believe in you.

Out of 10 people, there are only 3 who care. The rest belongs to your audience… 🙂

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The Love Guru

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     She’s Back!!!!

The Love Guru has been receiving questions about love, life, business, struggles and success.. She may have not experience it all yet but people keep on coming back to her and asking her about her advice and opinion.

She will definitely answer all the questions soon..

Do not forget to subscribe to her Youtube Channel… She will be active there often..

Thanks everyone!


YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-eHJpGgPMlQTkHlJbFMXsg

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Southborder Goes South

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     I have always been fascinated about writing stories since I was young. I started blogging in 2016, but I became busy in 2018 and I one day posted that I miss writing.

The reason why is because I put up a business and I became busy since then. I had to look after the business and be hands on every single day.

A foodpark is one of the famous businesses around the globe where people get to choose viands of food from different cuisines all in one place.

We offer bands and events once in a while.

My business partner and I took a very little time to plan for this. But we were able to pull off the Grand Opening where we invited one of the most famous bands in the Philippines, “THE SOUTHBORDER”. And since we live in the south, the grand opening was entitled Southborder goes South.

It was a very successful event and opening. Watch how we started the business from its construction to the opening.


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©2016 TheAnonymousWritersNotebook


This was taken January of 2018, But was not able to edit the photos and videos… LOL

Team sherem goes to Baguio!